Different Types Of Voucher Codes To Help You Save Money

The world of e-commerce and online shopping is constantly evolving. A few years ago it may have been dominated by the...


Finding coupons that can maximize your savings can be tough. With years of experience in the voucher...

Different Types Of Voucher Codes To Help You Save Money

The world of e-commerce and online shopping is constantly evolving. A few years ago it may have been dominated by the bigger names in the various industries. However, things have rapidly changed now.

Whether you are an established brand or a relatively new set up, all of them provide their customers with the choice to shop online. Apart from the massive convenience factor for customers, online shopping also helps the brand in their own marketing strategies.

Any person who likes shopping looks forward to deals and bargains where they could save money. Online shoppers are no different. This is where a voucher code comes handy.

What is a voucher code?

A voucher code is also called a promo code and it consists of a combination of letters, numbers or both. When you shop online, you would add items to the cart and then proceed to checkout. On clicking the Checkout or Buy Now button, you will find a text box where you would need to enter the promo code.

This will enable you to avail the discount as specified by the particular promo code. Now you will be shown the final amount you need to pay after the discount has been applied.

There are many different types of voucher codes or discount codes. Here are some of the most common types and how they could help you save money.

  • Specific amount off:

This is one of the simplest coupon codes. It allows you to get a specific amount off of the total value of your purchase. Since it is easy to apply, you can calculate how much money you are saving.

One of the downsides is that you might be required to spend a certain amount of money to avail this code. The trick to saving money when using this code is to decide whether you were going to spend the required amount anyway.

If not, then you might spend more than you desired in order to use the coupon instead of saving money. If the spending amount is more than the savings, then it is better not to use the code.

  • Specific percentage off:

In this type of code, you can get a specific percentage off of the total purchase amount. It can be difficult to calculate the amount of savings sometimes.

On the other hand, these types of coupon codes can also help you save big by giving you discount especially on some expensive items.

  • Free shipping:

This is one of the most popular types of discount coupons. It has been seen that customers tend to spend more when they are offered free shipping. Sometimes customers may even decide to cancel their order if they are not offered free shipping.

By using this code, you can avoid paying the shipping cost of the item you purchased. Many online sites offer this discount coupon especially if you shop for more than the specified amount. You may also have the option to combine this coupon with other coupons to increase the amount you save.

  • Discounts for new customers:

Some sites offer a promo code that can be used only on the first purchase on their website. Some other sites may require you to register with them to avail of discounts. One must read through the terms and conditions when signing up to be a member.

Many sites charge you money for the membership. When signing up, it is advisable to calculate and ensure that the cost of the savings over a period of time is more than the membership fees. It is also recommended to limit your number of memberships. More the number of memberships, more thinly spread the savings will tend to be.

  • Buy one and get one free:

This is one of the most tempting codes on offer as it can get quite tricky to judge if and how much you are saving. This offer is ideal for customers who were going to purchase two items of the same type anyway.

If not, you might end up spending more for something you didn’t even want. The trick to saving money is to check if there is another item that is lower than half the price that you are paying.  

A couple of variations of this code are the ‘buy one and get one half off’ code and the ‘buy three get one free’ code. They may seem confusing to calculate sometimes.

There are various coupon code sites, which offer great discounts on a number of products and services.  One such popular resource is First Choice, which gives you discounts on your holiday needs. Whether it is flights, tickets, accommodation, etc. deals from from first choice are very popular.

Whichever voucher code or promo code you use, ensure that you calculate and check if you are truly saving money by using it.

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